Phd Thesis E-Government

: For efficient operation of the system is needed an adequate communications infrastructure and security policies in order to provide public services electronically.

Effectiveness of e-Government will be determined by the confidence of citizens and businesses in using Information Technology.

Another result of this dissertation is a model to predict citizens’ perception in a conflict zone, based on result using PLS method the author concluded conflict and behavioral conflict played moderating roles between the relationship of digital divide and e-Gov service use intention; furthermore access and social divide has a significant effect on e-Gov use intention.: This thesis focuses on automatic and open approaches to measure government web sites to elucidate if they works as intended and to distinguish the good e Government services from those which need improvement.

The thesis uses the collaboratively developed e Gov Mon application as a basis for testing, and presents corresponding methods and reference implementations for deterministic accessibility testing based on the unified web evaluation methodology (UWEM).

Main findings were: lack of co-ordination of information policy across government; new skills required within government to provide information in the Web 2.0 environment; uneven progress in the development of citizen-centric services; lack of information literacy policy; and low involvement of the information profession in driving forward the developments in the provision of PSI.

A major gap identified was the lack of coordinated evaluation of information policy in general, and of the provision of PSI in particular.

The analysis of the project goals showed a skewed distribution of goals between the different layers in the NIST model.

Goal achievement could be found in all layers, although the project primarily focused on the business architecture layer and the architecture information system layer, making most goals related to these two levels.

A framework for assessing implementation of policy was developed and tested against the Power of Information Taskforce recommendations, and suggestions were made for new measures.

This research has been the first within the information policy academic community in the UK to address how government is opening up its data in the wake of new technological innovations and is focused on the needs of citizens.: This thesis focuses on identify challenges in developing countries to successfully implement e-Government initiatives.


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