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Finally, it situates this performative function of naming within a general discussion of language ideology in Chinese society, in which signifiers and their homophones are seen as somehow inseparable from the signifieds. The term nominative determinism was coined in a 1994 issue of to describe this phenomenon.

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Greener, the university’s first African-American professor, by unveiling a model of a statute “to commemorate the Reconstruction-era pioneer.” Education professors Christian Anderson and Katherine Chaddock (emerita) teamed with art history professor Lydia Brandt and graduate students in the higher education program to lead efforts over several years to recognize Greener (who also was the first African-American graduate of Harvard College).

An irony of the dedication event was that the Greener statue is adjacent to the Thomas Cooper Library, named in honor of a legendary university president from 1820 to 1833 whose teaching of Calhoun’s “nullification theory” was popular with students.

When a college or university gives monumental recognition to really undistinguished people, the danger is that the campus architecture becomes uninspiring.

In teaching the history of higher education, I have tried to provide an antidote to nondescript monuments.

Cooper’s curriculum of political economy, combined with emphasis on oratory, helped to make the University of South Carolina the alma mater of numerous Southern governors, senators and congressmen who championed slavery and states’ rights in national politics up to the state's secession in 1861.

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All this attention to monuments means that history matters on the American campus.

It also describes the prototypical routine of introductions, which consist of three participants, in contrast to the more typical conversation in Western analysis which posits two participants.

In this three-party exchange, the animator is not the author of the words, but rather the willing and necessary namer of the relationship.

Colleges and universities face unfinished business in some other areas of heritage and representation in their campus monuments. Will other colleges and universities follow Yale’s example?

For starters, at many campuses few buildings are named to honor distinguished women. Yale has shown imagination and sound values by renaming the former Calhoun College in honor of Grace Murray Hopper, who earned her master’s degree and Ph. from the university in the 1930s and then was a pioneer in computer science, as well as serving as a rear admiral in the U. At the University of California, Berkeley, I would like to see a building named to honor Laura Nader, who has been an internationally acclaimed anthropology professor for more than a half century.


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