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With that in mind, lets talk about why worksheets should not be in the early childhood setting.A worksheet does not teach, no matter how hard you believe they do, they just don’t.Really all worksheets do is test rote memory, a way for children to just spit back information to you.

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If you present a worksheet to a child and say “Read this so you can answer these questions.” Are they going to be motivated? But if a child is trying to learn how to build a sturdy fort, but must read the directions to learn how to do so, then that gives them a reason to learn.

I see parents all the time in different Facebook groups mention something like this…I’m at a lost.

As a parent and educator, when I walk into an environment with early learners, whether that be in a homeschool setting or preschool setting, I want to see those kids engaged in their learning.

Young children should be manipulating materials, testing hypothesis, and exploring the world around them.

I’m not saying you should never use a worksheet, especially with those kids who LOVE them.

Really you should only be using them with the kids that love them.

But, their answers and evidence must match the teacher’s guide and test answer key. How is it possible to get a child to think for themselves and defend their position, but also be correct 100% of the time according to an answer key? I look at it this way, if a child can defend their answer to any question using evidence then it’s correct whether the answer key says so or not.

In 20 years, do we want people running this country who only know how to give one answer, or do we want people who can be creative and think outside the box?

Children, young children especially, need time to explore concepts and manipulate materials in order to learn.

A cut and paste worksheet on the life cycle of a butterfly is really just giving them cutting practice, not teaching them about the life cycle.


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