Problem Solving As A Teaching Strategy

Problem Solving As A Teaching Strategy-74
Join 108,000 readers as we help every child succeed and thrive in math!

Join 108,000 readers as we help every child succeed and thrive in math!

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Because cookies are being taken away, that denotes subtraction.

Thus, to get back to the original number we have to do the opposite: add.

This activity involves a fantasy voyage to a planet in another galaxy – in our imaginations. Click on the version you prefer: The descriptions in the Fantasy Voyage are examples of reality from our own times and our own planet.

Read more about solid waste and hazardous waste to develop an understanding of the challenge of waste management which is used as the example in this module for developing skills in using Future Problem Solving strategies in teaching.

Sometimes industry lacks responsible strategies for dealing with the waste by-products of their manufacturing processes.

Much waste also comes from the transport and package of the products sold. The volume of garbage, or solid waste, that in some societies is collected from outside the front doors of our homes, offices and factories once or twice a week, is evidence of how much many of us throw away.

In other words, they need to “undo” each turn to get back, i.e. Once students understand inverse operations, and know that they must start with the solution and work back to the beginning, they will need to learn to recognize the types of problems that require working backwards.

In general, problems that list a series of events or a sequence of steps can be solved by working backwards. Sam ate 2 of them, his dad ate 3 of them and they gave 12 to the neighbor.

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