Reflective Essay On Importance Of Education

Being well-educated has become a norm in American society.

I now understand why I focus on practical matters and to be less interested in exploring hypotheticals or more abstract and theoretical areas.

I need to understand what a theory is useful for, and what it can be applied to in the ‘real-world’.

Drawing connections between theory and experience or learning helps create new understandings.

Through this course I have learnt reflect on my strengths and weaknesses in relation to education and training.

It encourages you to think about what you have learned and how you have learned it. Reflective writing requires you to show that you can evaluate what you read, think, and do, by acknowledging a range of viewpoints and possibilities.

When undertaking a reflective writing task, you need to draw connections between what you have been asked to reflect on (for instance a classroom experience or your own learning in a unit) and relevant theories.

We were in a condition of permanent choice, sorting out the material, and choosing paradigms that matched our outlook at that moment.

This way, we built up substantial intellectual capital, which shifted our outlook and made it more complete and versatile.

However, the nature of the material that students learn about and the methods used to master disciplines learned can influence their world outlook and beliefs.

When I entered the faculty of philosophy seven years ago, I did not think about the changes this specialization would invoke in me.


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