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I had long suspected this to be true, but the experience of going through the motions really brought that lesson home.When you invest in rental properties, you’re offering a commodity.

I had long suspected this to be true, but the experience of going through the motions really brought that lesson home.When you invest in rental properties, you’re offering a commodity.

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the type of international human connection that I love most about travel.

And I dig that it happens under my own roof, and that I get paid for doing it.

But many of the other hosts on Airbnb aren’t investors.

They’re owner-occupants (or renter-occupants) who list their personal home, and spend the night at a friend’s house, to make some extra cash.

But can we just take a moment to reflect on the sheer volume of possessions that we need in order to have a functioning home? It’s not something you think about, until you have to buy all of this junk at the same time.

It’s kinda astounding, when you step back and think about it. Running a vacation rental business is different than simply offering a rental property.Because they’re not concerned with their ROI, they can under-price the competition. It’s great for guests, but it limits the upside for hosts – especially those of us who are full-time investors.When you offer a short-term rental, you need to pay the city 8 percent sales tax and an additional 8 percent occupancy tax (the same types of taxes that hotels charge.) That’s a 16 percent additional bite from your profits. (Tax rates vary from city-to-city, but suffice to say that it’s a LOT.) I hope those conclusions don’t sound too negative.After lots of trial-and-error, here’s what I came up with: Although I’m referring to this as the “Air Bnb Experiment,” I’m actually offering the apartment on two websites – Air and Because I’m slightly a perfectionist, I scanned the neighborhood competition and wrote a listing that could compete head-to-head with the best of them.You can read about them here, here, here, here and here.) As soon as “I wonder if …” popped into my mind, my knee-jerk reaction was to focus on the drawbacks of managing a vacation rental business. This way, I can measure vacancy and turnover across the span of several seasons. I’ll furnish the apartment on a ,000 budget – paying myself for my labor. ) Here’s what happened next: I’m shocked at how much stuff – lots and lots of stuff – is needed to furnish an apartment.Yeah, there’s the obvious furniture: And after all of this, after 5 solid days of carefully thinking through every possibility, my first few guests began requesting items that I still hadn’t considered, such as a plunger and toilet brush.Bottom line: It takes a TON of stuff — especially small stuff — to create a home-away-from-home experience.I have a new appreciation for interior photographers.I also added a map with pinpoints at all major restaurants, bars, shops, salons, gyms, etc., within easy walking distance. The checklists are too long to reprint in full here, but they include: I created a page that welcomes guests and highlights the amenities of the apartment. Here’s how the ceiling fan works.) This step is more for my benefit than the guests.(Which are a LOT.) Next, I developed a checklist of check-in, check-out and turnover/vacancy procedures. I tried to anticipate any FAQ’s, and answer all of these on a pre-written page. You see, I want to run a business – not have a business than runs me.


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