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Here is a brief explanation of the sections needed to complete a standard research proposal as well as the writing timeline you should strive to follow. A two page paper might just require a paragraph or two for a proposal.

Here is a brief explanation of the sections needed to complete a standard research proposal as well as the writing timeline you should strive to follow. A two page paper might just require a paragraph or two for a proposal.

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Christopher Taylor is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Texas.

He received his Ph D in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.

Please bear in mind that Ph D programmes in the UK are designed to be completed in three years (full time) or six years (part time).

Think very carefully about the scope of your research and be prepared to explain how you will complete it within this timeframe.

This Research Guide provides tips and tools for postgraduate students to complete their research.

Research Method Proposal

Please see Prof Mc Naught's excellent presentation for an overview of the research process: Learning the Art of Research: Combining organizational skills, critical thinking and creative thinking by Prof.

The Proposal needs to be able to communicate the following three critical points to the supervisor: Total wordcount requirement for a Research Proposal can range between 1500 – 4000 words. This part is a brief introduction to the research area with some background information. These need to comply with SMART principle where the acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. Ideally, the proposed research has to make some practical contributions as well. Research Background Some universities require a brief research background to be included in dissertation proposal. Definitions of main terms, explanation of search strategy for the literature, brief outline of the most relevant models and theoretical frameworks need to be included in this part. Moreover, proposal methodology needs to address research philosophy, research approach, its design and sampling issues. In studies that involve primary data collection ethical issues can be addressed by including the following statements in your proposal, and a) Respondents are going to participate in the survey voluntarily; b) Questionnaire/Interview/Focus group questions are not going to contain offensive, discriminatory, or other unacceptable language; c) Privacy and anonymity of sample group members are going to be maintained ; d) The works of other authors that are going to be used in any part of the proposed study are going to be acknowledged with the use of Harvard/APA/Vancouver referencing system according to the Dissertation Handbook; e) The author will attempt to maintain high levels of objectivity in discussions and analyses throughout the research. Gantt-Chart is one of the most effective, yet simple tools to illustrate research schedule.

The proposal can be prepared in the following format: 1. Some universities require proposal abstract or summary to be included as well. Research problem needs to be explained in a detailed manner in at least 2-3 pages. Here, you can briefly discuss the most noteworthy contributions to the research area. It is important to make it clear what specific issues are going to be explored during the research process, as well as, what issues will be left out. In studies that do not involve primary data collection, on the other hand, ethical issues are going to be limited to the points d) and e) above. Table below represents a sample Gantt-Chart that can be used to complete a dissertation. Appropriate referencing is critically important when writing dissertation proposal the same way as it is important for the final draft of the work.

wiki How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high quality standards. The research methodology section of any academic research paper gives you the opportunity to convince your readers that your research is useful and will contribute to your field of study.

An effective research methodology is grounded in your overall approach – whether qualitative or quantitative – and adequately describes the methods you used.


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