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This rebirth was hinted to the reader as Carlton meets a seamstress who Dickens gives characteristics as a person Carlton would eventually fall in love if they both were not to be killed.For a majority of the novel Carlton had been looking for a wife or someone to affectionately spend his life with.In the novel there are several people that would be resurrected. When Lucie and Darnay went on their honeymoon after being married, Dr. Pross kept this reversion secret from Lucie and later had to bury his cobbling tools so there would be no further chance to relapse.

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If my career were of that better kind and that there was any opportunity of capacity of sacrifice in it, I would embrace any sacrifice for you and those dear to you.

The reader can clearly tell in this passage that Carton is beginning to go through a resurrection.

Carlton dies to save Darnay, such as Christ for all of humanity.

Carlton receives his own redemption through his sacrifice and then to his final transcendent vision of rebirth.

The violence in A Tale of Two Cities has been extensively discussed, as has its connection to the revolutionary impulse in the novel; as early as 1937, for example, Thomas A.

Jackson states that in this novel, Dickens “gets nearer than ever to a positive assertion of revolution as the only road to hope, to justice, to peace and to general happiness” (173).There is evidence of this in Chapter 13 when Carlton explains: It is useless to say it, I know, but it rises out of my soul.For you, and for any dear to you, I would do anything.Darnay first showed this when he was saved from being killed for treason during his first trial earlier in the novel. Manette saved him from his second trial in France for being of the Evrémond family.Then in his third and final trial the Defarges gained evidence through a letter, which written by Dr.In this instance, Carton was "recalled to life"� when he sacrificed his own life for Darnay and his family.Though Darnay's life was the one saved, the sacrifice was truly for Lucie.In all great novels besides telling the normal story, the author tries to express something else. The theme in Dickens A Tale of Two Cities would be Resurrection, or "recalled to life"�.When receiving the message from Jerry Cruncher, Mr. This transformation brought his mind to forget about all the things that had been important to him, and to ease the pain he was going through.From the outset of the novel, the connective tissue between the two worlds of the novel (London and Paris) is Tellson’s Bank whose representative Jarvis Lorry functions as the intermediary between them.The novel opens with Lorry on a “secret service” (29) between France and England to rescue an old customer of the French branch of the bank who has been imprisoned in France for the last eighteen years; as the plot winds its intricate way forward, the bank is not only ubiquitous but also frequently instigative of and responsible for the turn of crucial events in the novel.


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