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Let’s get a little more in-depth with this: The introduction is made up of two main parts: the thesis and the introduction to the supporting points.

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Also notice that I haven’t bothered to organize my research too much.

I’ve just dumped all the relevant citations under the headings I think they’ll end up under, so I can put in my quotes from my research document later as they fit into the overall text.

It’s all about preparing your reader’s mind to start thinking about your argument or question before you even really get started. Okay, now that you’ve made your point, it’s time to prove it. The length of this is entirely dependent on the criteria set by your professor, so keep that in mind.

Present your thesis and your supporting points clearly and concisely. However, as a rule, you should have at least three supporting points to help defend, prove, or explain your thesis.

As you’re starting your research, create some kind of system for filing helpful quotes, links, and other sources.

I preferred it to all be on one text document on my computer, but you could try a physical file, too.That’s a good start, but take a couple steps to hone your idea a little further so you have an idea of what to research.Here’s a couple of factors to look at when you want to get more specific:recent, as there may not be enough research conducted to support an entire paper on the subject.Here are some good places to look for reputable sources: As you read, analyze your sources closely, and take good notes.Jot down general observations, questions, and answers to those questions when you find them.Outlines basically do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to writing. Even if you feel tempted to just jump in and brain-dump, You’ll thank me later.Here’s how to structure an outline: You’ll notice it’s fairly concise, and it has three major parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.Even if you hate the class, there’s probably at least one topic that you’re curious about.Maybe you want to write about “mental health in high schools” for your paper in your education class.Once you have a sizable stack of research notes, it’s time to start organizing your paper.Even if you normally feel confident writing a paper without one, use an outline when you’re working on a research paper.


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