Research Papers On Nanotechnology Applications

Sarcomatoid carcinoma is a rare form of laryngeal cancer which corresponds only 2-3% of all laryngeal cancers.

This type of laryngeal cancer is presented mostly with hoarseness and dyspnea.

A research renaissance into chip-based control of light-sound interactions could transform our 5G networks, satellite communications and defence industries. Standard optical microscopes can image cells and bacteria but not their nanoscale features which are blurred by a physical effect called diffraction. A new chip-based platform integrates nanopores and optofluidic technology with a feedback-control circuit to enable an unprecedented level of control over individual molecules and particles on a chip ...

Tiny silica bottles filled with medicine and a special temperature-sensitive material could be used for drug delivery to kill malignant cells only in certain parts of the body, according to a new ...

Advancements in nanomaterials make lightweight spacecraft and a cable for the space elevator possible.

By significantly reducing the amount of rocket fuel required, these advances could lower the cost of reaching orbit and traveling in space.This research may have applications in improving the ...Scientists are using nanoparticle screening on personal care products and finding previously thought toxic chemicals may not be harmful.Nanotechnology can improve the performance of catalysts used to transform vapors escaping from cars or industrial plants into harmless gasses.That's because catalysts made from nanoparticles have a greater surface area to interact with the reacting chemicals than catalysts made from larger particles.Companies are currently developing batteries using nanomaterials.One such battery will be a good as new after sitting on the shelf for decades.Evaluation of Heart Block in Inferior Wall Myocardial Infarction in context of Intervention: Temporary Pacemaker Implantation Versus Conservative Medical Management, a Single Centre Experience from Eastern India Association between Inferior wall Myocardial infarction (IWMI) and various degree of heart block is well known. Objective of this study was to re-evaluate whether they need temporary pacemaker or can be tr...The significant advanced into the comprehension of some mechanism of carcinogenesis of GIST and, thanks to the program GIPAP (Glivec International Patient Assistance Program); our patients should benefit from the minimum standard fare gratuitously of...The advancement was demonstrated with a robotic blooming flower brooch, dancing robotic butterflies and fluttering tree ...Researchers have developed a new platinum-based catalytic system that is far more durable than traditional commercial systems and has a potentially longer lifespan. A research team has developed a new method for actively controlling the breaking of chemical bonds by shining infrared lasers on tiny antennae.


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