Review Of Literature Of Training And Development

Review Of Literature Of Training And Development-26
To study the various issues highlighted in this study related to employee motivation, this study reviews a large body of literature mainly in different journals.

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Motivation directly links to individual performance that gain to organization performance and as a catalyzer for all individual employees working for an organization to enhance their working performance or to complete task in much better way than they usually do.

Organization runs because of people working for it, and each person contributes toward achieving the ultimate goal of an organization.

In order to study the various issues highlighted in this paper related to employee motivation, a large body of literature mainly from different journals have been incorporated.

To make the study more current only those studies were included which were published in the last two decades.

Access to society journal content varies across our titles.

If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box.Panagiotakopoulos () concluded that factors affecting staff motivation at a period where the financial rewards are kept to the least leads to stimulate employee performance.So, management personnel’s responsibility to motivate their employees to work as per the expectation to enhance the organization’s performance.In business, context training basically refers to action of teaching employees and providing proper knowledge and skills to make themselves job fit as well as organization fit.Training teaches employees how to work and enhance their skills, hence motivate them to achieve the common goal of organization as well as of employee.The establishment of operations-based targets will help the provision of strategic feedback by allowing the evaluation of actual performance against the operations-based targets.Goal-directed behavior and strategic feedback are expected to enhance organizational performance (Chenhall ) in their study developed and illustrated a model of the relationship between strategic alignment, motivation and organizational performance in a BSC context and find that effective strategic alignment empowers and motivates working executives.In past research papers few dimensions of motivation were used to explain the different models motivation theory which has direct influence on employee motivation.The novelty of this study lies in its theoretical framework where authors have made an attempt to come up with a construct having dimensions that directly or indirectly influences employee motivation.).Vuori and Okkonen () recognizes that employees have both a mind and a spirit and seek to find meaning and purpose in their work, and an aspiration to be part of a community, hence making their jobs worthwhile and motivating them to do at a high level with a view to personal and social development.The primary objective to write this review is to highlight the flow of motivation and reveals what motivation technique works more efficiently in different stages of life.


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