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She sees it as being gross and hideous and only an underprivileged person would actually wear it.

However, it shows true character and resistance to overcome shame and to either embrace it or simply not allow it to get to her.

Even addressing the fact that Rachel is ashamed but not letting it bother her is a form of resistance.

It shows that she values her morals and she is not willing to stand for something she does not believe or represent something she is not in order to humor someone else.

It is interesting to note that when Sandra Cisneros was eleven years old her family somehow borrowed enough money for a down payment on their first home in which she describes as For Cisneros the transition from the apartment on Roosevelt Road into the new house in a Puerto Rican neighborhood on the North Side called Humboldt Park also represented and important step in her development as a writer because it placed her in a neighborhood, a real one, with plenty of friends and neighbors that would evolve into the eccentric characters of The House on Mango Street Eleven Sandra Cisneros, Page 23 With the connection between Rachel’s life at age eleven and Sandra it is significant to note that this was an important moment in her life where she made plenty of friends and yet Rachel does not seem to have any.

Rachel receives undeserved treatment from her peers and undeniably from her teacher.

She is bullied into wearing a hideous sweater on her 11th birthday and doesn’t have a single friend in the class to console or stick up for her.

Everyone knows to “respect your elders,” that what they say goes.

While some often take advantage of this concept and abuse their power, educators are not supposed to. Price and Rachel illustrates unequal relations of power, because Mrs.

Imagine turning the big eleven and no one even says happy birthday. Rachel is confronted with the obstacle of trying to enjoy her birthday and be happy she is eleven and be treated as such, yet her teacher and peers do not even acknowledge her birthday they simply force this ugly, smelly, beat up sweater on her and ultimately make her cry.

Rachel states, and all of a sudden I’m crying in front of everybody. I’m eleven and it’s my birthday and I’m crying like I’m three in front of everybody Eleven Sandra Cisneros, Page 9 Rachel is not crying about the sweater, more about the way she is treated.


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