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Agriculture is not only growing food for people and animals, but also growing other things like flowers and nursery plants, manure or dung, animal hides (skins or furs), leather, animals, fungi, fibers (cotton, wool, hemp, and flax), biofuels , and drugs (biopharmaceuticals, marijuana, opium).Many people still live by subsistence agriculture, on a small farm.People may have started farming because the weather and soil began to change.

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Pakistan is an agro based economy; the prosperity of the nation is dependent on the agricultural produce.

Therefore the role of the Pakistani farmer is very essential as Pakistan is known to be a land for farmers.

Agriculture and domestication probably started in the Fertile Crescent (the Nile Valley, The Levant and Mesopotamia).

The area called Fertile Crescent is now in the countries of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt.

He supports us by producing all basic food needs like grains,vegetables,milk,etc. He is unable to recover his money spent during the harvesting period. They should be given cheap loans and other facilities.

His needs are few and simple and yet they are not met. They should be given better seeds, fertilizers and return for their produce. Wheat and barley are some of the first crops people grew.People probably started agriculture slowly by planting a few crops, but still gathered many foods from the wild.This is the main reason their standard is lower than that of the cultivators in developed regions.Other issues these farmers face include water logging, Salinity of soil, uneconomical land holding size, scarcity of water for irrigation, land tenure system, soil erosion, lack of organized marketing and lastly pests and crop diseases.Hence the income of these farmers is insufficient to give them a suitable standard of living; most of them are hardly able to provide basic necessities to their family.Farmers in Pakistan are busy mostly all year round sowing seed and reaping crops, however recently many farmers have had to look for alternate ways to earn incomes as rain fed floods have destroyed many crops and livestock on which their income is dependent.In sameway farmers are said to be backbone of India.If something will become to farmer then India will suffer many problems. An Indian farmer is very hard working and very busy throughout the year. He is engaged in tilling the soil, sowing the seeds, watering the fields, reaping and harvesting the crop and then taking it to the market to sell it. He is being exploited by the money-lenders and the middleman.Farmers in Pakistan should be aided by government policies and efforts to make farming an occupation which is desired and to encourage farmers to be dedicated to their work.This includes reclaiming land which has been claimed useless due to salinity by providing proper irrigation facilities, credit facilities should also be given to small scale farmers so they can adapt modern techniques and increase yield and income, the use of fertilizers, better quality seeds and plant production should be encouraged.


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