Should We Change The Australian Flag Essay

The university's Dr Benjamin Jones is conducting research to find out opinions and attitudes towards the Australian flag.Dr Jones says Australia stands as one of the only nations to still cling to its colonial past.This one was launched on Australia day by an Aussie academic who tried to incorporate bits of the old flag with symbols of Aboriginal Australia and the country's many migrants.

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A survey by Western Sydney University has reignited the contentious issue.

They say it's an important part of Australia's history a symbol that's meant a lot to people including the many soldiers who fought for their country. KID: I think it should be change due to we're not a part of England we've expanded we've had immigrants coming over here REPORTER: These are the two designs that people have come up with so what do you think of them?

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Dr Jones defended his survey, saying there were six different designs that participants can choose their favourite one from."They're also given space to say if they don't like any of them and what elements they think should be in there," he said."One of the questions does ask if you think the flag should be changed at all."The survey is partly inspired by the recent two-stage flag referendum in New Zealand.

Dr Jones said Australia had never had a democratic process to choose a new flag."We had a competition in 1901 that only offered advice and it needed to have a British emblem in there and a symbol of the British empire and in 1953 the Menzies government simply passed a flags act to say that this is now the Australian national flag," he said.Now there are separate flags for Aboriginal Australia and the Torres Strait Islands but some people reckon it'd be better to have one flag that represents everyone, including Aussies with no British ancestors.There have been plenty of attempts to design a new one.It's not just the UK and New Zealand that bear the Union Jack.It's on the flags of many countries that used to be British colonies.When Australia became a federation in 1901 it got a new flag but the Union Jack stayed.It was joined by new symbols, like the Southern Cross which is a constellation that can always be seen from Australia.On Australia day more than any other day the Aussie flag is in.REPORTER: But have you ever wondered where the flag came from? When British people colonised what's now Australia they brought their own flag with them known as the Union Jack.And that was what really started me on my crusade to change the Australian flag.Robert Webster is the chairman of Ausflag, an organisation which reckons the Aussie flag has an image problem.


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