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Each pathway is different, but there are trends that occur.You can find the Landscapes in the following documents: Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division. There’s a lot of words in these documents that you might have to look up, but the idea that I want to emphasize is that students are continually finding new ways to solve problems.

1 out of 2 may be written as the ratio (1:2) or a percentage (50%). A probability tells you how likely something is to occur.Most math problems can be figured out in our heads, even the really hard ones, if we can hold all the numbers there. We just need to teach multiple strategies so students can find the ones that resonate for them. In order to do that, I teach students different ways to solve problems in the hope that one of the ways will resonate with each student.Students are at different places in their mathematical journey.This probability doesn't change no matter how many times we toss the coin. It can be confusing doing probability problems with die because the sides are numbered. What is the probability of tossing two heads in a row? When multiplying fractions, multiply the numerators (top numbers) and then the denominators (the bottom numbers). When we try to get two events to happen back to back, in a sequence, we lower the probability.And we can test the probability easily–just toss a coin. Make it easier to keep the numbers straight by writing out the number when referring to a side of the die. We are looking at the probability of landing on black. Since we already did the math, we know that the probability of tossing a heads is 1/2. No matter how many times we flip the coin, there will always be two options, one of which is heads. Can you guess what happens when we try to get three events to happen? Try to figure out the probability of getting three heads in a row. ) Practice using the steps to solve the following probability problems. If you get stuck, take a deep breath and start over with step 1. List the given and needed information This is a tricky problem because of the wording. First you want to know what the chances are of one puppy being a girl.Our job is to push them just a little bit further and become more and more efficient mathematical thinkers.This is similar to the previous idea in that I want students to find strategies that work for them, but I also want to push students to experiment and look at new strategies that might be just beyond their reach.We want students to solve problems correctly and efficiently.Teaching different strategies will help them see different ways to solve problems and students will gravitate to the way that best meets where they’re at.Now there’s a fine line between scaffolding learning and providing a crutch.The key is always encouraging students to try something that is just outside their comfort level, which is called their zone of proximal development.


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