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He and Brother Giovanni are tending to Brother Amarsebello, who has made himself sick from too much fasting. Its taste is appalling, and so Ginepro asks Amarsebello what food would bring him comfort.

He wishes to abandon all for the sake of joining Francis, who questions him about his intentions. He accepts, and the brothers begin to search the forest for flowers so that they may honor this maiden of God.

The old man simply states that he is willing to forsake everything to become a fellow Franciscan. They find enough that they are able to construct a carpet of flowers.

4 - How Brother Ginepro cut off a pig’s foot to give to a sick brother.

Brother Ginepro is once again left behind while the other brothers are preaching and giving food to the poor.

Thrust into the rain without shelter, the monks rejoice in their suffering, loving their vocation even more and discerning this to be the call whereby they are to follow Francis. Mary of the Angels, where the Brothers had finished building their hut.

The rest of the film is divided into nine chapters each covering an incident in the life of St. The first chapter is introduced by a parable and a chapter marker. Two brothers return with a set of prayer bells, a gift from a generous donor.While the brothers attend to their tasks, Francis utters his famous prayer, "O!Signore, fa di me uno strumento della tua Pace," in English, "Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace." Shortly after the prayer, an old man approaches the friar, bringing with him a gift of a bull. Saint Clare has expressed an ardent desire to dine with St Francis.The brothers return from their excursion, only to be confronted by the owner of the pig.He demands recompense; Francis makes Ginepro apologize.A few moments later, Clare arrives with three of her sisters.Together, they and the friars enter the Chapel where Clare first professed her vows. The holiness of their conversation, as the narrator explains, ignites the sky with fire.2 - How Giovanni, known as “the Simpleton”, asked to follow Francis and began imitating him in word and gesture.The friars are running to meet Francis in the woods.He gives it to the friars, but warns them never to touch his swine again.5 - How Francis, praying one night in the woods, met the leper.


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