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SANGSTER NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION To My dear brothers, JAMES AND JOHN, who, by precept and example,have encouraged me, and to my beloved sister, ANNA,whose faith and affectionhave been my chief inspiration,this little volumeis lovingly inscribed. I had no previous acquaintance with the author, and I sat down to read the book one evening in no especial mood of anticipation.

From the first page to the last my attention was riveted.

Her Grandfather Richards was for twenty years President of Auburn Theological Seminary.

Her brother, John Morgan Richards of London, has recently given to the world the Life and Letters of his gifted and lamented daughter, Pearl Mary-Terse Craigie, known best as John Oliver Hobbes. David Dudley Field, and their nephew, Justice David J.

Brewer, of the United States Supreme Court, were her kinsmen. Clarke is a veteran of the Civil War and a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. Clarke, was the Principal of Canandaigua Academy for the long term of forty years.

Miss Hannah Upham, a distinguished teacher mentioned in the Diary, belongs to the group of American women to whom we owe the initiative of what we now choose to call the higher education of the sex. The dignified, amusing and remarkable personages who were Mrs.

Her Diary is a faithful record of impressions of that stormy time in which the nation underwent a baptism of fire. Beyond the personal claim of the Diary and the certainty to give pleasure to a host of readers, the author appeals to Americans in general because of her family and her friends.

Her father and grandfather were Presbyterian ministers.

Those of us who lived in the latter half of the nineteenth century recall the swift transitions, the rapid march of science and various changes in social customs, and as we meet allusions to these in the leaves of the girl’s Diary we live our past over again with peculiar pleasure.

Far more has been told us concerning the South during the Civil War than concerning the North.


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