Solving Inequalities Word Problems Worksheet

Solving Inequalities Word Problems Worksheet-80
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Subject(s): Math, Algebra, Inequalities (Algebra), Graphing (Algebra), solving inequalities, graphing inequalities Grade(s): Eighth grade, Ninth grade, Tenth grade Standard(s): HSA-CED.

We have word problems based on real-world situations that can be modeled using one-step inequalities.

I pretty much skipped this slide and went straight to [slide 6] which does have the color coding.

This time, the kids should be able to lead you through the example themselves.

I didn’t really need to have the slides in their without the color coding but for more advanced students, they may be able to run with this concept after the first example.

Depending on the ability level in your class, students may run through this pretty quickly and so you may need to add more examples for students to practice on their own or as homework.

[Slide 2] Have students read the problem and then ask where they should start. From there, we have all of the pieces of the inequality in order and we can easily write the inequality.

On this slide, I’ve color coded the words in the problem to the list on the left so that students can easily match up what goes together.

The following graph represents the solutions of the inequality.

All the numbers to the right of the number on the line are greater than the number.


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