Stress Among Students Essay

According to Liu, Shono & Kitamura (2009), “The concept of well-being refers to optimal psychological functioning and experience”.

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Yet on the other hand, other studies show that people who live at home are more stressed (Omigbodun et al, 2006).

The academic factors which contribute towards the stress of students can vary depending on the personal factors indicated above including the lack of confidence that the student will perform to their full potential (Heath et al, 1990), (Acharya et al, 2003) this can be influenced by the competition which is within and between peer groups (Rosli et al, 2005), (Goldstein et al, 1979).

The prime reason for these depressive episodes was due to financial difficulties and relationship problems (separated from significant other).

This ultimately led poor performance during the end of term examinations.

Studies have identified that the sources of stress, which influence the performance of students, change because of the wide extent of stressors whilst at university.

Stress is one of the most common emotions that are experienced by human beings (Alansari, 2006).

Their overall learning experience had been stopped abruptly due to differences in gender, which would be an extremely troubling experience.

The study also found that there was a large prevalence of Class A drug taking and overuse of Alcohol during the respondent’s time at university, providing a possible solution to stressful experience or a route provided by peer pressure (Kosviner, Hawks & Webb, 1973) If the student is from another country there may be a language barrier can cause stress through an increased workload, a lowering of the conceptual understanding of the learning content and being unfamiliar with processes (Acharya et al, 2003).

Naturally, if a person is not in “optimal mental shape”, they will not be performing to their best potential, possibly having a negative effect on their lives.

If this happens during University, there will be a high amount of risk of failure.


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