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Our teachers are passionate about the subjects they teach and find creative ways to teach tough concepts.In a math classroom you won’t just find protractors and calculators, but real-world applications and maybe some Spiderman fractions.The Syosset High School Library Learning Commons has four distinct spaces: Main Library: With new varying seating arrangements and comfortable furniture, the library area has a space for everyone’s needs—whether for large or small group collaborative work, quiet reading, taking a nap, or downtime with a phone.

Some students prefer mornings, while others are more focused in the afternoon.

If they’re taking a class for credit, the student may join us after they’ve finished their day at another school.

Some days there are student meetings or scheduled activities, but you’ll always find something happening.

Students don’t have to raise their hand or feel silly asking questions because it’s just them and their teacher.

Our English teachers can assign reading based on students’ interests, which helps engage students who may not usually enjoy cracking open a book.

In Syosset, NY, the new library area is four spaces in one, combining to create a center that meets different needs for students, models lifelong learning, and helps educators transition to new ways of teaching.

“The LMSes worked tirelessly to research what these spaces needed to be,” Steinberg says.

It’s a place that now operates as the organizing center of many of the school’s programs and aims to meet the educational needs of the nearly 2,100 students, professional development wishes of the staff, and mission of the district.

“We’ve had visiting schools from across the nation come to see the space, and they cannot believe the energy,” says assistant principal David Steinberg. “My first meeting with the library media specialists, I told them the goal for the year was to reimagine the work and reimagine the space,” says Steinberg, who took control of the library space (previously supervised by the English department) and oversaw the development of the new Library Learning Commons.

He trusted his team, including library media specialists Lynn Ortlieb and Sarah Wasser and the former library space was transformed into a new central hub for the school.


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