Table Of Contents Of A Research Paper

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(Note: Figure captions contain enough information to let readers to skim the paper by looking at the figures, or should make it clear that the missing information can be found in the text.) here for emphasis).

The paragraph following the figure (this paragraph) describes the apparatus, referring to the figure for clarity.

Pitfalls to avoid: Providing too little or too much information. Write your description of the apparatus in present tense, since presumably the apparatus still exists!

Writing strictly in chronological order (alternatives: most important steps first, most fundamental steps first, etc.). Format: If a photograph is used, important elements of the apparatus must be clearly labeled.

Tip: Because headings and subheadings vary according to each experiment, the guidelines for this section of your report cover solely the few pieces that appear in every journal article. The experimental procedure section includes a description of the apparatus.

DO NOT label these subsections as Apparatus and Methodinstead assign unique subheadings that correspond to your intellectual and technical approach and incorporate the description of apparatus and your methods into each subheading. A block diagram and/or photograph of the apparatus must be included.

Failing to provide a mini-context for the methods themselves, how you achieved your calculations: [In order] to . An example of this type of apparatus figure Figure 1: Experimental apparatus for performing sound analysis experiments.

The function of each part of the apparatus shown is described in the text.

Using lackluster openers and weak follow-through in the body of your introduction. The Experimental Procedure section is typically divided into several subheadings, each of which corresponds to the major intellectual steps you took to complete the experiment (e.g. Note that the heading for this section should not be called Experimental Procedure a heading title specific to your experiment is preferred, such as New Design for Particle Beam Fusion in the example in Table 1.

The subheadings must describe specific aspects of the experimental procedure, as shown in the example below..


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