Teaching Persuasive Essays Middle School

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In a persuasive essay its important to acknowledge opposing viewpoints, or counterclaims (counterarguments).

Give valid reasons—along with relevant evidence—to disprove these counterclaims.

Additionally, for each claim made, a counterclaim or counterargument should be fairly presented.

It is the writers responsibility to both present the counterclaims and discredit the arguments with evidence, facts, statistics etc.

Both are teaching units on persuasive writing that allow students to write about topics that matter to them—topics drawn from their experiences within their own communities.

For Jenny's students, the definition of community is wide-ranging—it includes their families, their school, and their town.

In order for students to become effective persuasive writers, it's important they investigate how purpose will influence the persuasive strategies they use in their writing.

Start by reviewing the different purposes of persuasive writing as a class.

Analyze persuasive texts, or other forms of media, and then identify the purpose for the text.

Included in my The introduction paragraph presents your topic to readers and include a thesis statement, or claim.


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