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What is important historically about that liturgy and meal was stated by me in a 1965 book entitled The Cross in the Sand: “It was the first community act of religion and thanksgiving in the first permanent [European] settlement in the land.” The key word in that sentence was “permanent.” Numerous thanksgivings for a safe voyage and landing had been made before in Florida, by such explorers as Juan Ponce de León, in 15, Pánfilo de Narváez in 1528, Hernando de Soto in 1529, Father Luis Cáncer de Barbastro in 1549, and Tristán de Luna in 1559.

Indeed French Calvinists (Huguenots) who came to the St.

Gannon the highest academic honor of that nation, Knight Commander of the Order of Isabel la Católica.

It was another bewildering holiday in America for all us, a newly citizened family in the mid 1960′s. “See, abuela,” we told her rushedly in Spanish, “see? and corn and everything else we have to make here today. It’s what they do in America.” “Si, Si…” my grandmother did her best to pretend she understood. We stared, and then we slowly, one by one, became dismayed. The pictures we were all looking at were so far from what we looked like. We put our arms around her, smelled her delicious smell of arroz/ rice, with cuminos and aji and cilantro that always hung so comfortingly around her.

Two of his books, Rebel Bishop (1964) and The Cross in the Sand (1965) treat of the early history of this state.

In 1990, Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, conferred on Dr.They were important culturally as well in that the religious observance was accompanied by a communal meal, to which Spaniards and natives alike were invited. Augustine, celebrated 56 years before the Puritan-Pilgrim thanksgiving at Plymouth Plantation (Massachusetts), did not, however, become the origin of a national annual tradition, as Plymouth would.The reason is that, as the maxim holds, it is the victors who write the histories.Augustine was up for urban renewal.” Our family here at the St. Its a great summary of the origins of our national holiday with plenty of juicy historical details. When on September 8, 1565 Pedro Menéndez de Avilés and his 800 Spanish settlers founded the settlement of St.Augustine Lighthouse is preparing to close the site for tomorrow, and we all wish you and your families the best during this holiday. Enjoy your traditional Thanksgiving meals of salt pork, garlic, and garbonzo bean soup! Augustine in La Florida, the landing party celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving, and, afterward, Menéndez laid out a meal to which he invited as guests the native Seloy tribe who occupied the site. Augustine’s first pastor, Father Francisco Lopez de Mendoza Grajales, and the feast day in the church calendar was that of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.But there may be a few loose ones down there now at the University of Florida.” So there!Within a few days of the tempest a reporter from the Boston Globe called to tell me that throughout Massachusetts I had become known as “The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving.” Well, let’s hope that everyone up north has settled down now.When his story appeared in Boston and other papers, New England went into shock.WBZ-TV in Boston interviewed me live by satellite for its p.m. The newsman told me that all of Massachusetts was “freaked out,” and that, as he spoke, “the Selectmen of Plymouth are holding an emergency meeting to contend with this new information that there were Spaniards in Florida before there were Englishmen in Massachusetts.” I replied, “Fine.Thought to have been on Berkeley’s menu were oysters, shad, rockfish, and perch.Along the old Spanish borderlands provinces from Florida to California an occasional voice is heard asserting that this site or that was the first permanent Spanish settlement in the United States – a claim often made in Santa Fe, New Mexico which was founded in 1610 – or that it was the place where the first thanksgiving took place.


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