The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

If you disagree, I expect you to produce your own version. The learning outcome from a month or work in class is that you will be able to take all the material you have gathered for your own essays, and to produce a competent text that will express your opinions, and to support your opinions with relevant evidence – both in the main text and in the notes. To What Extent Did Christianity Bring about the Fall of the Roman Empire?

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The most obvious completion needed is to find the sources that I have omitted to supply.

We looked out some of them in class – but you will need to do better than supplying references to books we found on Gutenberg. Adding more sub-headings than I have will do you no harm. I also expect you to go over every one of the positive statements I make in this exemplar, and to decide whether you agree with them. He is aware of the exercise, and will tell you to go away.

Though we have no statistics, during the next 80 years Christianity seems to have become the dominant religion in the Roman Empire.

In 391AD Theodosius I effectively abolished paganism by outlawing its sacrifices.

In 313 the Empire’s frontiers were completely secure.

In 378, a mass of barbarians were allowed across the Danube and defeated a Roman Army at Adrianople, and never left the empire.For example, we believe there is a correlation between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer, because we know how many cigarettes are smoked and we know how many people contract lung cancer.We can arrange these figures in tables to show variations over fifty or a hundred years.But Saint Augustine wrote his In this Cynegius obeyed his commands, closing up the doors of the temples throughout the east, Egypt, and Alexandria, and prohibited all their ancient sacrifices and customary observances.As to the calamities which the Roman Empire suffered from that period, a distinct account of the facts themselves will be the best demonstration.[4]There are obvious differences between Zosimus and Gibbon and his followers.In 406 an even greater mass of Barbarians crossed the Rhine. Over the next generation they took France and Spain and North Africa from the Empire.Italy itself was increasingly ruled by emperors who were front men for barbarian kings.The Defence: Correlation The first defence worth making is that correlation is not cause.Just because two things happen at the same time does not necessarily mean that they are associated, let alone that one is a cause and the other an effect.After 476/480 these barbarian kings stepped from behind and ruled Italy openly. The progress of Christianity correlates with the “Fall” of the Empire.Indeed Gibbon was not the first to notice the correlation.


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