The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Essay On Irony

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Bill Hutchinson has selected the special slip, and his family is singled out.

Tess Hutchinson expresses her discontent and accuses Mrs. Hutchinson and their three children, select one of the five slips in the box. Hutchinson, reveal that their slips of paper are blank.

In contrast to the true nature of the lottery and Mrs.

Hutchinson's murder, the atmosphere of the village is seemingly idyllic.

Summers of not giving her husband enough time to select his slip. Summers rearranges the box so that it holds only five slips for the Hutchinson family. The town realizes that Tess holds the remaining piece of paper with the black dot. Delacroix selecting one that is so large she can hardly carry it.

As Tess Hutchinson protests, everyone, even her own children and husband, descend upon her and stone her to death.

She stands next to her husband, Bill, and their children. Summers makes sure that everyone who needs to be at the lottery is present and accounts for those who are unable to attend. Old Man Warner expresses derision for this suggestion, calling those people a “pack of young fools” (216).

Once all of the heads of households receive slips, they simultaneously check them.

She does not have a problem with it until she and her family are put in the spotlight.

Then, she flips her original position and begins to decry the lottery process as unfair, simply because she and her family are at risk.


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