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In school he spends his time setting off firecrackers in the bathroom and playing pranks on substitutes, though he says those days are behind him now.Despite disliking authority figures and school, he's really smart and can get good grades when he wants to.

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John relates a disturbing tale about his father's drinking: at parties, when John was about ten, he would encourage John to drink everyone's beer, and then brag, "That kid's going to be a real drinker" (9). John is more similar to his father than he realizes: he and his father both have strong personalities and a drinking problem (though his father has stopped drinking).However, persuasive essay topic has just to light the opinion. Such topics are just deductions in a free but good style. | SETTINGThe novel, The Pigman, is set in New York City in the specific neighborhood and school, specifically Franklin High School, of John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen circa 1968.CHARACTER LIST Major Characters John Conlan He is a sophomore in a New York City high school.When his father tells John that he (the father) can't take the strain of his job much longer, John reflects: Every time he says that, I get a little sick to my stomach because I know it's true.He's almost sixty years old, and I know he's not going to be around much longer.Like most teens, he will eventually discover that he, and he alone, makes his life whatever it will become. First of all, he has a real problem with any kind of authority.He is in constant conflict with his father; he lies to his teachers and refers to them as "retarded." In fact, he lies to pretty much everybody, except Lorraine.However, by putting glue in the lock, John has the last laugh – now no one can use the phone, including his father (3).One major source of friction between John and his dad is John's dream of becoming an actor.


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