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But on the other hand, there are plenty of hints about the hypocrisy of the church, which is always ready to take people’s money while ignoring the miserable social conditions in which they live.And the priest as a representative of the church is of course a badly flawed figure.

Are the characters connecting through the dialogue, understanding each other, listening to each other? This novel contains a few important scenes of mistaken recognition.

What would you say about communication in this novel in general? Most notably, the lieutenant fails to recognize the priest in two face-to-face encounters.

The episode with the dog abandoned by the Fellows, in which the dog and the priest struggle over a bone, shows life reduced to its essentials, the struggle for survival.

This is not a pretty world—everything in it is in pain or want of some kind.

The question is posed through imagery of insects, which are mentioned frequently in the novel.

In one incident, the lieutenant sees a tiny insect racing across the page of a book in front of him. Another insect appears on the book, “scurrying for refuge: in this heat there was no end to life” (Part II, Chapter 3).

At least in part, this is what the lieutenant believes.

He looks on the earth as a “dying, cooling world, of human beings who had evolved from animals for no purpose at all” (Part I, Chapter 2).

Politics and Religion Like a number of Graham Greene novels, The Power and the Glory deals with the interaction of politics and religion.

In this case, there is utter hostility between the two.


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