The Sheltering Sky Essay

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Port quickly leaves and is chased from the camp by a mob.

The next morning Tunner arrives at Kit's room to take her shopping.

Not wanting Tunner to know that Port stayed out all night, she removes the covers from his bed to make it appear that he slept there.

As Kit and Tunner are preparing to leave, a disheveled Port arrives.

On a trip to the interior, Port contracts typhoid fever—out of apathy he has neglected to be vaccinated—and dies.

Kit has an affair with an Arab and joins his household, but their relationship soon falls apart. She is teetering on the brink of insanity and finds an opportunity to disappear into the crowded bazaar.Suspicious of Kit's relationship with Tunner, Port arranges for Eric Lyle to provide Tunner with transportation to Messad on the pretext that Port and Kit will meet him later. Kit transports the delirious Port to a French Foreign Legion post, but it has no doctor and she nurses him herself, becoming increasingly desperate at his condition. Kit leaves the body and sets off alone into the Sahara.Kit wanders in the desert until she begs a ride from a camel train led by Belqassim.She is eventually found, mute and almost insane, in a Catholic mission hospital by staff of the American embassy, who have been prompted to search for her by Tunner, who has found Port's grave.She is transported back to Tangier, and is told that Tunner is waiting for her there.Three Americans from New York arrive in Oran (Algeria) in 1947.Port Moresby and his wife Kit are accompanied by their friend George Tunner on a trip that will take them deep into the Sahara Desert.During his walk he meets a pimp who introduces him to a prostitute in a Berber encampment.The two have sex and the prostitute attempts to steal his wallet.Tunner observes, "We're probably the first tourists they've had since the war," to which Kit replies "We're not tourists.We're travelers." While Tunner plans to return home in a few weeks, Port and Kit plan on staying for a year or two.


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