Their Eyes Are Watching God Essays

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For Janie, the need for new relationships is there because she is always throwing others out.

She understands that relationships have to have some give and take, but over the course of the story, the reader is treated to her particular brand of give and take.

Still, there is a prevailing theme that unites these two stories and unites the head characters.

The thing that one can take from reading both of these stories is that no matter how different two characters are and how different their life view is, relationships are still the powering force behind their existence.

Understanding this character at large is essentially important if one is to completely understand his world view.

Holden is a character that does not like the changing world around him.In The Catcher in the Rye, some serious social themes are addressed in terms of personal development.If one wants to consider the development of this important theme in this work, they need to look no further than Holden and his ideals on the world.It is the basic human need that makes people reach out for other people in order to receive as well as give friendship.It is easy to see in The Catcher in the Rye that Holden has absolutely no idea what makes a good relationship.He wants the world to stand still so that he does not have to put up with some of the dangers that it presents.He does not want to have to make decisions on the fly and he certainly does not want people to hurt his self-esteem or his feelings by responding to some of his concerns.Specifically, the books deal with how young people deal with the changing world around them.The one not obvious connection that can be drawn between the two books is that, in both, relationships play an important role in shaping how the main character develops in the changing and dangerous world around them.Throughout the story, the reader is treated to opportunity after opportunity where Holden seeks out new relationships and it looks as if he might be finally starting to get it.Then, when things look like they might finally go right for him, Holden reverts back to his old isolationist ways and kills any chance that he had of fostering a meaningful bond with another human being.


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