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A good methodology to follow, immediately upon completion of the required courses, is to keep a paper or electronic research notebook and commit to writing research oriented notes in it every day. For example, the general problem may be finding an algorithm to help an artificial agent discover a path in a novel environment, and the specific problem may be evaluating the relative effectiveness and efficiency of five particular named approaches to finding the shortest path in a graph where each node is connected to at most four neighbours, with no knowledge of the graph except that obtained by exploration. thesis in Computer Science should attempt to satisfy one or more of the following criteria: Writing an acceptable thesis can be a painful and arduous task, especially if you have not written much before. Describe the general problem that you are working towards solving and the specific problem that you attempt to solve in the thesis.You should choose criteria by which to judge your results, for example, the adequacy, coverage, efficiency, productiveness, effectiveness, elegance, user friendliness, etc., and then clearly, honestly and fairly adjudicate your results according to fair measures and report those results.

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Many students in this field choose to obtain a graduate degree in order to stay up to date on the latest advances.

Once you are out of school for a couple of years, you run the risk of falling behind in this ever changing field.

Depending on its length, it may be combined with Chapter 3. Prototypical implementations are common and quite often acceptable although the guiding criterion is that the research problem must be clearer when you've completed your task than it was when you started!

This chapter should present the results of your thesis.

You might not even realize that you need computer science dissertation help until after you get started.

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The solution may be an extension to, an improvement of, or even a disproof of someone else's theory / solution / method / ...).

This chapter describes your implementation or formalism.


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