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I had a bitter experience while pursuing my master's thesis at a pretty big firm.The people responsible for advising me were shameless in accepting that no one really cares about how well I have done my thesis (they were trying to defend as to why no one cared enough to spend time and guide me), all that matters is finishing it and moving on.The supervisor of Anna's thesis was professor Esa Saarinen.

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I put a lot of effort in my undergraduate thesis, but none of the professors on my committee had much interest in advising me; and after my defense, the only professor who really gave me his undivided attention came to me and said “I’m glad you’re not staying here for grad school; you’re way too good for this place”.¯\_(ツ)_/¯Comparing your journey to others’ is pointless. I don't think you're trying to detract from the accomplishment here, but you are raising an important point: at an age like this, good mentorship, leadership, and guidance is essential.

There is a very small number of truly gifted people who end up discovering things on their own at a young age.

In line with her passion Anna was appointed the Head of People and Culture at Korkia Oy starting from the beginning of January 2019, after being in charge of the company’s communications and marketing for several years. HENRY is the most attractive arena for HR professionals with almost 3000 individual members and more than 100 corporate members.

HENRY is a member in several international and global associations and networks active in human resources management, training and development.

Another student from the philosophy department committed similar mistake by blatantly picking up content from different websites and research papers.

“Research scholars lift content from other research papers, blogs, news articles, etc.Supervisors blame it on lack of comprehension skills among research scholars which forces them to plagiarise content.“In OU, many students pursuing research have studied in Telugu medium till degree level.HYDERABAD: A year after the Osmania University (OU) made plagiarism check mandatory for Ph D thesis, the varsity observed an average 30-40% similarity index in every thesis submitted by research scholars. Until last year, the OU did not have any checks in place to verify the authenticity of the thesis being submitted.However, in July, 2018, OU became the first state university in Telangana to introduce anti-plagiarism software Turnitin, which officials claim has emerged as a boon for them.Most gifted people who discover something do so with the benefit of a mentor who can work with them to refine their talent into skill.My masters thesis sucked largely because I tried to do it on my own and didn't even pick an advisor until I was almost done.At that point all they could do with my mess was to say "well, this is a decent descriptive paper and we need more descriptive papers in the field," and then give me proofreading comments.I didn't have a damn clue what I was doing, the end product was mediocre, and I didn't learn nearly as much as I could have.If you happen to be a perfectionist, such experiences break you.An underappreciated aspect of this is finding an academic department that would allow you to submit something this concise as a senior thesis.


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