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By doing so, the relationship can therefore be analyzed.

By doing so, the relationship can therefore be analyzed.This research aims to clarify the relationship and generate more understanding of organizational performance and culture.This leads to the following problem statement: How does organizational culture affect organization performance?

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This will be done by extracting the literatures and empirical data relevant to this issue and frame it so that one can get the big picture.

As mentioned in section above, in existing literature there are many supporting facts and information available but most of them are not in the same line.

Hofstede (2001) asserted that although organizational culture is a complex concept that makes it hard to perform research, it holds a tantalizing promise that cultures may have a great influence in shaping organization’s behavior.

Barney (1986) mentioned that culture has a pervasive effect on a firm: it defines not only the firm’s relevant competitors, customers and employees, but also defines how the firm cooperates with these key actors.

Soon after, their bankruptcy became the example of bad company culture and was viewed as one prominent case of denial and arrogance in organizations (Jagdish, 2008).

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The amount of research studying organizational culture has increased significantly over the last decade (Denison 1990; Agbonna 2000; Hofstede 2001).There are some multinational companies that were superior in their industry but are now struggling for market survival.General Motors, Ford and Chrysler were the three largest automobile companies in The United States over the last decade (Micheline, 2003).Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Literature Review Service.Thus a link or correlation should exist between the two.Generally, a higher output usually correlates with a higher performance.Market survival process stresses the importance of firm performance.For many years performance has been a common topic among researchers.This situation was recorded as the biggest industrial bankruptcy in The United States history.Economic experts argue that their insufficient flexibility and unwillingness to adapt to new markets are the main reasons for their bankruptcy (Rauh, 2009; Gilson, 2010).


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