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According to Paine, “By referring the matter from argument to arms, a new aera for politics is struck; a new method of thinking hath arisen. Here Paine explains that the battle had given the colonists a new view of the British and steered them towards the option of separating from the mother country.Thomas Paine’s equality and biblical authority arguments were influenced by the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

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He believed that men who favored reconciliation would fall into three descriptions: men who cannot be trusted, men who cannot see, and men who are unwilling to see.

He states that men, who think that being governed by the British is the best thing, will cause more calamity than someone who is prejudiced.

The Common Sense arguments that Paine put forth immediately created a connection with the common men because their powerful religious views.

The Stamp Act was another event that greatly influenced his arguments against reconciliation in his work.

There were many conservative clergymen who believed very much that monarchy connected God and the King by divine right.

Paine wanted to make clear that it was a sin and that God was against a monarchical government.” Paine exposed the bad reputation of monarchy and he made it very clear that any monarchical government could not protect its inhabitants and the best way to rid of this is to form a new political government.His biblical argument, during this period of history, was very valid.The Stamp Act presented to the colonists that the British could implement anything they pleased, “colonial male property owners…could not vote in British elections and had no representatives in parliament.The British government argued that colonists were still subject to acts of Parliament because of what they termed ‘virtual representation’.Monarchy, according to Paine, is a sin and that having America ruled by an island is irrational.In Common Sense he goes on to say that hereditary succession goes against equality, “one of the strongest natural proofs of the folly of hereditary rights in kings, is, that nature disproves it, otherwise she would not so frequently turn into ridicule by giving mankind an ass for a lion.The further connection with Great Britain will not benefit the future generations and in order to aid them he thinks that having them learn from the irrefutable mistakes, Americans would make better judgments towards maintaining a government.The Stamp Act brought about a position that colonists would now defend, “a right to impose an internal tax on the colonies, without their consent for the single purpose of revenue, is denied, a right to regulate their trade without their consent is admitted.He urged in Common Sense, “Your future connection with Britain, whom you can neither love nor honour, will be forced and unnatural, and being formed only on the plan of present convenience, will in a little time fall in a relapse more wretched than the first.” To continue the relationship with the British means that whatever quarrel they get involved in will also drag America into it.


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