Tobacco Research Paper

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That is why journals have exceptions to their embargo policies that allow abstracts to be submitted to meetings. Here is the citation and a link: Alzahrani T, Pena I, Temesgen N, Glantz SA. That is why we are careful to say there is an "association." The fact that some of the MI's occurrent before e-cigarettes were available, called exposure missclassification, biases the results toward the null, which means that we are almost certainly the association between e-cig use and having had an MI.

Association Between Electronic Cigarette Use and Myocardial Infarction. You can see this issue discussed, including citations to a statistical methods paper that explains why this is the case, in our paper showing that e-cigarette use is associated with less smoking cessation in the EU, which is avaiable here.

Did you also eliminate people with a history of heart disease before trying e-cigarettes?

There is a link to the abstract that was presented in the press release above.

Thus, the effects of e-cig use that we estimate are I don't know when the paper will be published. [Epub ahead of print] In the data you looked at is it possible to tell if e-cigarette use was initiated before the myocardial infarction?

It takes a long time from initial submission to publication and no author has control over that process. From the abstract it doesn't seem to be able to tell when e-cigarette use was initiated or when the MI happened. That is one of the limitations of all cross-sectional studies, which are a snapshot in time.

This is the first evidence of a substantial, human health impact of the popular devices that were first introduced about a decade ago, indicating that e-cigarettes may be more dangerous than previously thought.

The new study of nearly 70,000 people found that heightened heart attack risk for e-cigarettes is on top of the effects of conventional cigarettes, which by themselves nearly triple the odds of heart attack risk when smoked daily.

It works closely with the UCSF Library's efforts to collect and preserve previously secret tobacco industry documents, such as those available at the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library (

5740 Issued in September 1996 NBER Program(s): Health Economics This paper examines effectiveness of several tobacco control policies in discouraging cigarette smoking among youths.


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