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TRIZ emerged from Russia at the end of the Cold War and has been adopted by many organizations both large and small.

Although TRIZ was developed by engineers for engineers, the techniques can be applied in other fields including project management.

These "reverse" TRIZ tools have been used to solve problems relating to food quality and contamination, electronic bank fraud, and organizational communication.

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Analyzing these patents yields consistent patterns of invention and lines of technological evolution that are consistently used across all areas of science and technology. For example, does the part or property have to be heavy everywhere or just in certain places?

These generic inventive principles can then be applied to all other areas of technology, greatly reducing the time to produce breakthrough ideas and inventions. Does the system have to rigid and flexible at all times or just certain times?Short Examples Short Questionnaire Walk Through TRIZ (Russian algorithm for "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving") is the only scientifically based (as opposed to psychologically based) inventive problem solving process and tool kit. In other words, we want the temperature to be hot and cold (for example in a chemical reaction), a product to be hard and soft (for example in a mattress design), or a property to be there and not be there (a road or river crossing).Its basis is the study of the global patent literature and the identification of the most inventive patents. To illustrate how one of the TRIZ tools,the TRIZ separation principles, is used in such a situation,take a problem that you have which contains a physical contradiction as just discussed (something has to be light and heavy, solid and liquid, rigid and flexible, etc.) and consider how you might separate these requirements in time, space, upon condition, between parts and whole.On Thursday, 28 September 2017 Karen Gadd of Oxford Creativity introduced members of the Midlands branch to the problem-solving tool kit, TRIZ.TRIZ is an acronym for the Russian expression "Theoria Resheneyva Isobretatelskehuh Zadach," in English "The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving." The technique was developed during the cold war by Genrich Altshuller, a Russian Inventor who analyzed thousands of patents and realized that when you are faced with a problem: TRIZ includes a practical methodology, tool sets, a knowledge base, and model-based technology for generating innovative solutions for problem-solving.In the mid-1940's Altshuller identified 72 generic solution patterns that are commonly used across the various engineering disciplines.In a sense, this was saying that there have been 72 unique solutions in the history of humankind!It's foundations are in the discovery made by Genrich Altshuller who, in studying patent databases in search of an invention process noticed repeating patterns within and across engineering diciplines.It has evolved, over time into an algorithmic approach to problem-solving and product development.Karen provided the contradiction matrix and list of Inventive Principles to the attendees.One of the key benefits of TRIZ is that it is complimentary to many of the other problem-solving toolkits in common use today.


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