Tun Abdul Razak Biodata Essay

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However, he was reluctant to make any changes on the foreign policy as long as Tunku Abdul Rahman was still holding the premiership.

Yet, he was convinced that Malaysia’s foreign policy which was then revolving around the pro- western democracies, could no longer sustain Malaysia’s needs.

The serious challenge to government’s ability to govern Malaysian society caused a significant review of policies.

The introduction of new strategies represented the first observable attempts to employ foreign policy to a domestic political purpose, to increase the stability and balance of economic and political dominance among all races.

The suspension of Parliament after the crisis of May 13th 1969 entailed the administration of the country by an emergency body, the National Operations Council (NOC/ MAGERAN), for a period of four years.

Starting from May 1969, Tun Abdul Razak was considered as the Head of Government due to his position as the Director of Operations of NOC.

On the other hand, he also established agencies such as the Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA), Malayan Industrial Development Finance (MIDF), and Council of Indigenous People’s Trust (Majlis Amanah Rakyat, MARA).

Furthermore, he changed Malaysia’s socioeconomic landscape through the New Economic Policy (NEP) during his premiership.


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