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Thus the decisions made by a teacher must be very professional so that he does not still the wrong values in a student (Article base 1).When the term parent comes to mind what we think of is someone who nurtures the growth of a person till their adulthood when they can be self independent.

This being a major role, the teacher has the mandate to instill values to the student since the students especially in their childhood spend a major percentage of their time with the teachers.

The teachers have a big role to play in the lives of these people.

The teacher will play the role of a parent in two distinct ways; the parent to his students and the parent to his own family.

As a parent to his student this involves the teacher going further than just teaching what he is supposed to teach but establishing what problems his student may have to hinder him from reaching his potential.

Among all teacher Sir Kamlesh is my favorite teacher. He is very sweet, kind heart, lovely and like a friend of all students. That’s why we all love to attend his class regularly. Therefore, he teaches us very kindly and very easily so that we could easily understand our lesson. That’s why he explains all the things very sweetly.

Without good teachers we shall never progress in our life. He guides us for good habits and good manners in our lives. The teachers are really a great assets of a nation. The teacher is also a taxpayer who contributes to the national income through tax deduction made in his salary.This role of a taxpayer makes him a citizen of a country and is eligible to benefits accruing due to the taxes he pays.Really, this 1108535372 has been another amazing job of your writers.The latest essay I've ordered from your service is the proof you guys are really the best and why I continue using your assistance!I feel confident that any time I need a paper to be written, you are able to accommodate me and I will get a great result for my money.You are true professionals who know how to run their business very well! Thank you for the good work that you did with my writing assignment.However, when we define a teacher the idea that comes to mind is a person that is instilling knowledge on people and whose career is teaching.A teacher will play different roles which will be categorized in the following an educator, a parent and a taxpayer.A positive or negative influence from a teacher early on in life can have a great effect on the life of a child.Teachers, especially at the elementary level, must be very creative with their teaching styles.


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