Us Federal Seal Watermark Paper

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Smith, litigator, special master, and judge––for over 30 years.

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EAST LAKE LINEN — Indiana Paper Co., Indianapolis, Ind. ECLIPSE MILLS — white wove flat — Chicago Newspaper Union, Chicago.

EASTERN LEDGER— Eastern Manufacturing Co., Bangor, Me. EAST LAKE BOND — Indiana Paper Co., Indianapolis, Ind.

DERBY MILLS ROYAL LINEN— American Writing Paper Co..

DERBY MILLS— white writing— The Whitaker Paper Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

DE PERE MILLS LEDGER— American Writing Paper Co., Holyoke, Mass.

DE PERE MILLS— superfine— American Writing Paper Co., Holyoke, Mass.

Mich • DEVINNE— fiat— United States Paper Co., Detroit, Mich.

DETROIT — white wove — Paige & Chope Paper Co., Detroit.


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  • How to Authenticate Older Banknotes - FraudFighter

    A Brief Background on U. S. Currency. Officially, legal tender is defined as any banknote that is backed by the United States Treasury Department; as mentioned above, this didn’t occur until the passage of the Second Legal Tender Act in 1862. All U. S. currency issued 1862 or later is considered legal currency.…

  • U. S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing - U. S. Currency

    Security features maintained in the enhanced Federal Reserve notes include a portrait watermark visible when held up to a light, two numeric watermarks on the $5s, an enhanced security thread that glows under an ultraviolet light, micro printing, improved color shifting ink that changes color when the note is tilted, and on the newly redesigned $100 notes, a 3-D security ribbon and enhanced, raised printing.…

  • Paper Watermarks - Official Sealed Paper

    Seal of the State of Pennsylvania Notes Official Paper - USA 14 • 473 Stamp Office Calcutta - Dieu et Mon Droit - 77 Notes Official Paper - India 15 • 277 The Great Seal of the State of California Notes Official Paper - USA 16 • 006 Timbre del Estado Notes Spanish Official Sealed Paper 17 • 005 Timbre del Estado…

  • How to Identify Counterfeit Money —

    Watermark. The watermark is one of the most obvious security features of a paper banknote. When held up to the light an image can be seen in the paper, usually a portrait similar to that printed on the note. The image of the watermark is caused by different thickness of paper, with light areas on the mark being a result of less paper.…

  • United States currency/$5 bill - Wikiversity

    The $5 bill was issued as a United States Note with a red seal and serial numbers and as a Federal Reserve Note with a green seal and serial numbers. 1933 As an emergency response to the Great Depression, additional money was pumped into the American economy through Federal Reserve Bank Notes.…

  • United States fifty-dollar bill - Wikipedia

    The United States fifty-dollar bill $50 is a denomination of United States currency. The 18th U. S. President 1869-77, Ulysses S. Grant, is featured on the obverse, while the U. S. Capitol is featured on the reverse. All current-issue $50 bills are Federal Reserve Notes.…

  • U. S. Paper Money Error Values -

    It is caused by a fold in the paper at the time of printing. When the folded part is opened there is a blank streak or line where the paper was folded. Though simple gutter folds, similar to this 1950A Federal Reserve note are common, large gutter folds can be quite spectacular.…

  • How to Detect Counterfeit Money -

    Watermark a faint image, similar to the portrait, which is part of the paper itself and is visible from both sides when held up to the light. Security thread also visible from both sides when held up to the light, this vertical strip of plastic is embedded in the paper and spells out the denomination in tiny print.…

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