Using Quadratic Equations To Solve Problems

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We can find the roots using factorization method, completing the square method and by using a formula.

Among all these methods, factorization is a very easy method.

There is enough coverage on new additions to the syllabus with a significant amount of questions.

The following animation is interactive: by clicking on the button, you can generate a random equation and its solutions appear at the same time.

This is the best book that can be recommended for the new A Level - Edexcel board: it covers every single topic in detail;lots of worked examples; ample problems for practising; beautifully and clearly presented.

In this lesson we present some typical word problems that may be solved using quadratic equations.

The questions progress well so that students can get a good conceptual understanding of every major topic.

A disciplined practice through this book prepares the students for both examinations fully.

If there are no solutions - the graph being above the x-axis - instead of solutions, the word, Maths is challenging; so is finding the right book.

K A Stroud, in this book, cleverly managed to make all the major topics crystal clear with plenty of examples; popularity of the book speak for itself - 7 This is the best book available for the new GCSE(9-1) specification and i GCSE: there are plenty of worked examples; a really good collection of problems for practising; every single topic is adequately covered; the topics are organized in a logical order.


Comments Using Quadratic Equations To Solve Problems

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