Was There A Trojan War Essay

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However the unreliability of The Iliad places historical doubt on Homeric Troy.

But although there are various inconsistencies in the evidence to support Homeric Troy, the existence of the Trojan War itself is indisputable.

The various pieces of evidence, both written and archaeological provide substantial reasoning for the existence of a war occurring in Troy during the 13th century.

However, modern historians can never be completely sure that the story that Homer provided in the Iliad was precise due to the holes that appear in the story and the evidence.

So finally, someone suggested that the three goddesses should let a mortal choose; Priam's son, Paris, was designated to cho...

There has been no direct answer to the above question.These pieces of archaeological and written evidence establish that the Greeks had the power and resources to rage a war on Troy, supporting the idea of the Trojan War.Close assessment on the stratification of Troy also proves that a war could have occurred.Korfmann's more modern research helped to eject all reasonable doubt placed on the Homer's Troy's significance.The city was described as a bustling trade centre due to its primary location. Middle In addition to this the Hittite Records reveal tensions between the Hittites and the Ahhiyawa, who were thought to be the Mycenaeans.There was further evidence of Mycenaean pottery, confirming its thriving trade. Conclusion The story was most likely a collection of accounts that were passed on from generation to generation.Though the physical evidence actively supports the existence of a war, the accumulation of the mythological elements and the unreliability, makes it impossible for historians to determine that the war was the exactsame war described by Homer.Homer also mentioned a description of the Great Tower of Iilios and Troy's triumphant horses.Troy VI, as examined by Dorpfield, possessed the same high quality angular walls that Homer had described in the Illiad.The discovery of archaeological evidence by various archaeologists such as Schliemann, Dorpfeld and Korfmann support the theory that the war did in fact occur, expelling the uncertainty over Troy's significance.In addition to this, there is much evidence to confirm Mycenae's motive and capability in war.


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