Water Bottling Business Plan

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So you too can set up sachet water or bottled water production business of your own in Nigeria and make fast cash.

Even retailers of pure water/bottled water are making money from the sales of the product.

Smith, vice president sales and applications of PROSYS, a large manufacturer and system designer of water treatment equipment.

Five hundred sixty of the shares are owned by John Jones who is regional sales manager for DUFF.

For example, after the recent petroleum subsidy removal crisis in Nigeria most retailers now buy a bag of pure water for N80 and sell for N120/bag.

Thereby making N40/bag and the more bags they sell means more profit they make.The remaining 200 shares are currently held by the daughter of the seller, but are expected to soon be transferred to the new owners.Additional investors have expressed a willingness to invest.H20 Industries took over a customer base and a small quantity of assets from a predecessor company.By moving to a new location with more space, and by designing an efficient productive capability, H20 Industries will be ready to aggressively penetrate the growing market for portable DI exchange by October 1999. (H20 Industries) provides the service of ion exchange portable tanks.This is the process of purifying water for industrial purposes.It is expected that the matter will be satisfactorily resolved by payment of a much reduced amount.The chart and table below summarize the start-up requirements for H20 Industries.This would help bring in needed administrative expertise, while also increasing the equity base.Assets of a former operating company were bought out and customers of the former company continue to be serviced by the purchasing company, H20 Industries, partly from continuing operations and partly from farming regeneration work out.


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