Why Communication Fails In An Organization Case Study

At the same time, the authors will be presenting an instrument (“Social Badges”) that collects personal communications automatically and more precisely than legacy approaches allow.

The practical applicability of the approach is evaluated through a case study.

The approach uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) to make it easier for executives to analyze and manage informal communications networks.

Its practical applicability is demonstrated by a case study.), knowledge workers already account for 70 % of the labor force in the USA and for more than 60 % of its added value.

Although logging of electronic communications has made considerable progress over the past few years, it is still extremely difficult to map personal interaction; manual approaches in particular are extremely error-prone.

Why Communication Fails In An Organization Case Study

The article shows how informal communication networks can be investigated by IT-based methods.16 million e-mails) were evaluated over a period of seven months.Besides this network data, data on the productivity of staff members and groups and on staff members’ personalities was collected.In combination with social network analysis methods this allows us to draw conclusions about the actors’ communication behavior and reconstruct the social network in an optimized way.Systematic data collection or data entry errors, which occur in legacy approaches, are thus reduced.To this end, 22 bank employees wore Social Badges during working hours for the duration of one month.Additionally, the e-mail archives of seven Kreissparkasse branches (approx.The solution and its applicability in research and production use are then evaluated by means of a case study.The article closes with a discussion of the potential and research requirements.The structure and dynamics of informal communication networks are of central importance for the functionality of enterprise workflows and for performance and innovation of knowledge-centric organizations.While most executives are aware of this fact, there is a general lack of (semi-) automated, IT-supported methods and instruments to make informal communication networks measurable.


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