Why Stereotypes Are Bad Essay

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Of the other answerers (at the time I wrote this), goes into more about how stereotypes can have a creative power in that they can enforce new social realities, but is more wishy-washy about whether or not stereotypes are good or bad. Even a "positive" stereotype is still one in which you are no longer considering the other person as a fellow human being with their own drives, desires, hopes, and dreams, but rather as just a vessel to receive your own preconceptions.

While some stereotyping is inevitable (for reasons that Katarina mentions), making deliberate efforts to minimize our applications of such stereotypes is possible and the result, at the cost of potentially a little bit more cognitive load, will probably be a more just and fair society.

Tyler Perry movies host a variety of characters that are supposed to represent and mimic an everyday African American family but it does not.

Instead, the characters have a assortment of issues or hold characteristics that follow black stereotypes and show the African American Community in a bad light.

The standardized conception or image of a specific group of people or objects serves as a sort of cookie cutter for our brain.

It forces a simple pattern upon the masses and specific characteristics for all members of that group.

There are other factors that play into the development of people, and while race is one of those factors it is not the biggest and it Tyler Perry movies have become so popular because they are suppose to be incorporating African American culture, thinking and mentality as well as a message within them.

Usually this message is something along the lines of faith, power, love or forgiveness.

I was just curious to find out different stereotypes about women.

In this case those products are world-famous and there`s no need in high promotion and there`s a percentage of success only in trend and mark. Stereotyping is not only wrong, it is also hurtful and offensive. Most of people think that there`s a high level of corruption in Higher Educational Establishments and students offer bribes to their lecturers and instructors not only during session period.


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