William Blake The Sick Rose Essay

In this essay I will examine the three poems by William Blake, taken from his anthology ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience.’ I will be looking at ‘The Tyger’, ‘London’ and ‘The Sick Rose’.Similarities and differences will be used to compare and explore the terms and views, which Blake gives in his poems.

The young men would have to join the army and fight.

Blake was writing his poetry in the time of the Industrial Revolution.

The chimneysweeper’s cry is an innocent image, as the chimney sweeps were young children forced into labour.

The newborn infants tear is representing how newborn babies were born to prostitutes.

Blake’s views were that the church had a lot to do with evil and death they pretended to care about helping others, and their prayers were just an excuse for seeing to the much needed attention of society.

William Blake The Sick Rose Essay

Although Blake had much disliking for the church it didn’t stop him from reading the Bible.

Another image of innocence from ‘the Tyger’ is ‘when thy heart began to beat’ this is representing creation of the Tyger, how it couldn’t be evil or destructive because it is the start of new life.

There are plenty of images of innocence in Blake’s poem ‘London’. This is referring to how Blake saw young children being exploited by society, this is also related to Blake’s images of evil.

William Blake was brought up by a rebellious family. This led him to believe certain things about the Church of England.

He was convinced that the church was corrupt with the ways they controlled people’s thoughts.


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