World Without Colour Essay

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As I write this I am on a train travelling from London to Crewkerne in Dorset.

Black and white photography has long been a choice rather than a necessity.

As we travel further and further away from the monochrome-only era some artists will always choose to tell their visual stories through monochrome images because of, and not despite, their deviation from nature.

It is a sensation that adds excitement and emotion to our lives.

Everything from the cloths we wear, to the pictures we paint revolves around color.

I don’t want to teach you to suck eggs but it might be beneficial to this topic if we remind ourselves of the history that has led us out of the dark age of non-photography to where we are now; an age that may be described, by the sociologists of many millennia hence, as the beginning of the ‘Photograscene’ era – the era which will not exist without photography.

All early emulsions were only able to record one of the primary colours.

So now film became ‘Orthochromatic’; sensitive to green and blue, but still red did not register.

Red tones still registered as dark areas in an image.

What is the continued relevance of black and white photography in a colour filled world?

Or, in other words, what is the argument for monochrome representations of a polychromatic world.


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