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So, as you think about how to start a dissertation introduction¸ what can you say that will truly intrigue your reader?

Thus, those who want to know how to write a dissertation introduction in English literature or law will have very different issues than those who are trying to figure out how to write a scientific dissertation introduction.

Their research will be very different – one laboratory based and one based in a particular period of literary history or a point of law.

As you write your introduction, keep these things in mind: If you use this checklist, review the introductions that others in your field have written, and understand that you will be writing many drafts before you get one that works, you will have an introduction that works.

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Of course, there is no standard “one size fits all” length here; however, one thing is for certain.

Writing a dissertation is not your average assignment.The introduction should summarize that research much more briefly and should not include the numbers of citations, etc. Think of all that you have learned about writing an introduction to an essay or paper as you went through your undergrad and graduate work.You learned what an introduction should include – an engaging and compelling opening statement that immediately piques the interest of the reader, and, in that same paragraph, your thesis statement.You should be making notes all along of the points you want to introduce to the reader in that first chapter.And as you move along, you will want to add, revise, and modify those points.From beginning to end you want to make sure that your work is as perfect as can be.While the entire dissertation is important, your key to bringing home an A lies within the conclusion.Is there some anecdote from your research that you can speak to without revealing the outcomes of your research?Dissertation introductions will vary somewhat according to the academic discipline of the research.Now, on to what common factors should be included in any dissertation introduction.If you are unsure about what to write in a dissertation introduction, look back at your research proposal.


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